Do you have a strong culture of:

 leadership excellence





and high-performance teams?


You can!

Most people want to work in a healthy organization.


Whether you’re an executive, manager, or employee/associate you probably want to belong to a workgroup that is engaged, energized, and fulfilling its purpose–focused on its shared goals and vision.

Unfortunately, many organizations are not centers of positive energy where people grow and flourish. Too often, they are filled with people who are frustrated, fearful, unengaged, and listless.

Us against them and them against us.

Many leaders are perplexed.

Why don’t our team members have the same fire in their bellies and share the same sense of urgency that we do? Why isn’t everyone aligned and centered on the same priorities? Why aren’t people carrying out their roles? Why is progress so difficult to achieve?” 


Our Work 

Our Passion

We know that healthy organizations deliver superior business results.

We enable you to create an environment and culture that will achieve your organization’s purpose.

We teach methods, techniques, and tools that will transform your current culture into a positive, high-performing system.

We give you the opportunity to change mediocrity into excellence.

 Just see if this picture appeals to you:

All people and functions in your organization are aligned.

 Expectations are clear, goals are set, strategies are embraced and understood, and everyone’s roles are defined.

Leaders are effective and have the ability to connect, inspire, and spawn a sense of ownership.

 Teams are formed as effective mini-companies and each one has a compelling  purpose, metrics, and goals. 

What We Do

Our experience tells us that most companies, organizations, and teams want:

A Transformation Plan: Strategic, Powerful, and Meaningful

Creating the culture you want requires a strategy, a change plan, and a way to manage that plan.
You have a vision, idea, or desire for what you want your organization to be-how you want it to perform, what behaviors are needed, and how everyone needs to be aligned. The Troupe Groupe will lead your team in strategizing and managing the Change Plan.

Solutions to Really Difficult Problems

You have serious, complex issues and need breakthrough solutions. You also need to have your people engaged and growing in the process!
The Troupe Groupe will conduct problem-solving through a methodology called Action Learning (AL). A certified AL coach is skilled in working with diverse groups to produce creative, breakthrough solutions AND significant growth for the participants.

High-Performing Teams (HPTs)

HPTs are involved, engaged, and your key to real business excellence.
In an HPT, people tell each other the truth and their behavior is focused on the goals, strategies, and priorities. HPTs know their business and they run their business with excellence. HPTs don't just happen. They are formed with a methodology and intention. The Troupe Groupe will show you how to create HPTs.

Trustful and Collaborative Workgroups

Process and policy documents cannot mitigate dysfunctional work relationships. Begin strengthening trust and collaboration today.
Experiential learning in the form of challenge or ropes courses is a superb way to build healthy workgroups. Trust is strengthened, perspectives and assumptions are changed, and barriers are dissolved. Your team members will see each other with new eyes. You can bring people to our outdoor ropes course ( or we can bring our portable elements to you.

Great, Influential Leaders

Want a great organization? You must have great leaders. Make no mistake. It's that simple.
The Troupe Groupe excels in offering the right development path for your leaders. We put it in a vehicle where it can be learned and practiced. Professional coaching with a certified business coach, custom workshops, action learning and experiential learning are some of our applications.

Higher Organizational Value

So many of the interactions and transactions in your organization are not needed - or - they don't add as much value as they could.
Value Network Analysis (VNA) is a great way to build teams, especially multi-functional teams. The diversity creates wonderful awareness and appreciation for the whole business network. It is a very good method for looking at your business to see what is actually occurring. The end result is a much better functioning organization with less frustration and more satisfaction.

Skillful, Knowledgeable People

New knowledge and skills are needed to transform your operation. There is no significant growth without new perspectives that come from education and training.
We offer workshops and programs that are tried-and-true. They work for most organizations because they implant essential skills and knowledge. Identifying strategies and goals, raising emotional intelligence, and managing performance are a few. The Troupe Groupe also creates customized learning strategies that are designed to meet your specific business needs.

A View of Your Business as a System

People in your business or organization often only understand their piece. They don't have an appreciation for how one thing affects another.
Teaching people to view the whole business as a system brings an awareness that delivers huge dividends. Together, the entire organization can see how things work. The Troupe Groupe will facilitate conversations that yield strategic priorities and areas that need attention.
About Troupe Groupe

The Troupe Groupe

Our experience comes primarily from the challenging organizational structures in the aerospace industry. Great lessons have been learned from parts fabrication, assembly and installation, and many other groups associated with large aircraft production. Manufacturing, Production Engineering, Supplier Management, and Human Resources are familiar environments.

David TroupeThe Troupe Groupe is led by Dr. David Troupe, a seasoned organization development specialist and practitioner. He holds a Ph.D. in Management and Decision Science and a Senior Professional in Human Resources  (SPHR) certificate. As a certified business and action learning coach,  Dr. Troupe generates positive relationships with individuals and teams.
Dave has spent many years as a leader in The Boeing Company in the fields of Learning, Training, and Development, HR, Manufacturing, Organizational Change Management and Employee Involvement and Engagement. He has expertise in working with executives and shop floor personnel alike.

Besides aerospace companies, we love to work with small-to-medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. We believe that these entities have so much potential but cannot afford the cost demanded by many of the consulting companies.
The Troupe Groupe is affordable!
Unlock your possibilities today. Quit settling for merely adequate performance.
Commit to excellence now!

Our Beliefs

We believe that:

  • most people want to belong to a high-performance team.
  • employee involvement is necessary for organizations that want to excel.
  • knowing what makes a  high-performance team and building a high-performance team are two different things.
  • leaders are often unaware of the obstacles and barriers that prevent people from achieving excellence.
  • almost everyone wants to be part of something they can be proud of.
  • small, positive shifts in behavior can result in dramatic bottom-line results.
  • real, meaningful change begins with the top leader.
  • assumptions and speculations are not helpful; the more transparency in an organization, the better.
  • managers hold the key to a high level of employee engagement.
  • it is vital that everyone understands everyone’s roles.
  • an organization that fulfills its purpose is a beautiful thing.

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