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Noise in the System

Every organization has “noise” that distracts from and impedes positive progress. The organization can successfully deal with that noise, in part, by improving the level of cohesion among leaders. When a leadership team is unified in purpose, when all members are clear about priorities, and when every leader views their role as a helper to the others, noise can be addressed effectively.

At the heart of any team’s success is the quality of relationships between its members. Old-fashioned concepts such as trust, reliability, accountability, caring, respect, and appreciation are requisites for effective teams.

Effective leadership teams can meet any challenge because they transform the culture. They see it as their role to do so.

But most leadership teams fail at cultural transformation and mitigating organizational noise simply because they don’t hold it as a priority. They believe that processes, products, policies, and procedures are enough. Their focus is off the mark.  They don’t recognize that their responsibility is to teach and coach, to mentor and develop. Truth is, many “leaders” are poorly equipped for these responsibilities and they choose not to engage. It does take time and effort to establish real connections. It does take time to embed shared values.

So what does leadership team cohesion, relationship quality, and the preferred leadership role have to do with mitigating noise in the system?

People cause the noise.

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